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10 life tips for students

All students agree that being a student isn’t always easy. Am I right? Hell yeah!

So, I’ve collected my best tips and tricks from my student life and I’m about to tell you all of my secrets.

1. Edit your assignments

Before you submit your assignment you should edit it. And I’m not talking about editing it quickly right after having written it. The best way to edit your writing is to wait at least 3 hours where you do something completely different, then edit it and you’ll be able to see all the mistakes much easier.

2. Spelling errors

Try to use Grammarly. You simply download it to your browser and copy your assignment into the editor. If you have the free version, it checks spelling errors and simple grammatical errors and that is in most cases enough.

3. Gratitude list

Write a gratitude list every once in a while. This will help you get through tough times if you read it and remind yourself of how lucky you are. And if you don’t know what to write, think about why you’re reading this right now. Shouldn’t you be grateful for being able to study something?

4. Take a walk

“Whenever life gives you a choice, take a walk.” That’s not the best quote of all time but it’s true. Most people find it way easier to take decisions if they’re in touch with nature. I personally always go for a walk when I need to think something through.

5. Note taking

There are several ways to take notes and everyone seems to do it differently but one tip, I can’t highlight enough is to take notes while studying. Notes don’t really matter if you first write them after reading 30 pages and don’t remember the details. No one ever got a good grade by leaving out the details.

6. To do lists

They’re important. You know it, I know it – so remember to make them and complete them! When you reach the point where you lose track of everything if you don’t have a to do list, you’ve completed level 1 of to do listing. Level 2 is where you want to be; organised and productive.

7. Test yourself

Get a friend or family member to help you testing yourself. It can be with flashcards or glossaries, whatever works best for you. The important thing is that you practise a lot – especially before tests and exams.

8. Get enough sleep

You’ve heard it so many times before but caffeine trips don’t do anything good for you in the long run. So make sure to get 8+ hours of sleep every night in order to let your brain work optimally.

9. Work out

Studies have proved that regular exercise help the brain to work optimally – and that’s something you need when you study a lot. It’s also a great way to give your brain a break and get some energy.

10. Socialise

Being a student will suck if you don’t have time for a social life. Give yourself time to see your friends or participate in social events. Maybe you’ll even meet someone who can help you with your studies?

I hope you can use some of my tips. Let me know your favourite tips for student in a comment. Let’s share some love!

Stay happy, stay beautiful

– Ellie xoxo


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