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My ‘100 before 100’ bucket list

Bucket lists are my favourite lists. I love bucket lists! If you’ve been on the blog for a while you already know this. I usually have a new bucket list for every new season but today I’ll share my bucket list for my entire life. It’s not quite finished yet but I’ll add more things when I find things to add. The goal is to have a full ‘100 before 100’ list of things I want to see/experience/do before I turn 100.

  1. See Northern lights
  2. Visit Rio de Janeiro
  3. Walk on the Great Wall of China
  4. Visit Yellowstone National park
  5. See the opening of the Olympics in real life
  6. Go to the Grand Canyon
  7. See kangaroos in Australia
  8. Celebrate Christmas in New York City
  9. Stay at an igloo hotel
  10. Go on a safari trip
  11. See The Great Sphinx
  12. Experience St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
  13. Go on a helicopter tour in NYC
  14. Visit the Seven Wonders of the World
  15. Swim in the Dead Sea
  16. Try a rollercoaster with a loop
  17. Go to Victoria Falls
  18. Publish a book
  19. Visit Blue Lagoon
  20. Start a business
  21. Go on a Caribbean Cruise
  22. Experience Oktoberfest in München
  23. Visit the Amazonas
  24. Go on an interrail in Europe
  25. Go to Petra in Jordan
  26. Sail along the Whitsunday Islands
  27. Visit Taj Mahal in India
  28. Experience Kyoto in the spring
  29. See Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia
  30. Visit the Galapagos Islands
  31. Visit the Faroe Islands
  32. Sail along New Zealand
  33. Go to Geirangerfjord in Norway
  34. Go on a pilgrimage
  35. Snorkel with turtles
  36. Walk the Inca Trail
  37. Create a family
  38. Participate in 10 different pride events
  39. Perform a song
  40. Get coffee with a stranger
  41. Dance in the rain
  42. Sleep under the stars
  43. Talk at a lecture
  44. Get a bachelor degree
  45. Road trip in the US
  46. Live for six months in another country
  47. Participate in a movie
  48. Have a film shown at a film festival
  49. Pay for 100 girls’ education
  50. Visit a volcano
  51. Invite someone on a date

Feel free to leave some suggestions in a comment below. I need inspiration, haha.

Stay happy, stay beautiful
– Ellie

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