100 bucket list ideas

I’ve decided to create a list of bucket list ideas suitable for teenagers and students. I hope you like it.
Holidays and traditions
1. Get a mistletoe kiss
2. Go to a Gay Pride event
3. Go to a Halloween party
4. Kiss someone happy New Year
5. Go to a different culture wedding
6. Only give DIY gifts for a year
7. Make a new tradition for your family
8. Have a Valentine’s date
9. Celebrate all kinds of holidays
10. Make a beautiful pumpkin
11. Get a Brazilian wax
12. Have a spa day with your friends
13. Get a fish pedicure
14. Get gel nails
15. Dye your hair a crazy colour
16. Have one day where you only wear one colour
17. Get eyelash extensions
18. Get your brows done by a professional
19. Cut your hair different
20. Get a henna tattoo
21. Rome
22. Amsterdam
23. New York
24. Sydney
25. Copenhagen
26. Paris
27. Dublin
28. Madrid
29. Tokyo
30. Los Angeles
31. Get a boyfriend/girlfriend
32. Find your soul mate
33. Choose a team of your 5 most inspiring friends
34. Plan the perfect date night – and actually make the date happen
35. Sleep under the stars with someone close to you
36. Have a girls’/boys’ night in
37. Plan a surprise party
38. Join a flash mob
39. Go on a road trip
40. Choose a family member to become really close with
Teenage to-do’s
41. Get a skateboard
42. Get a job
43. Play beer pong
44. Have a Tumblr-blog
45. Act in a play
46. Go to a drive-in movie
47. Have a bonfire
48. Host a party
49. Go to prom/galla
50. Get a kiss in the rain
51. Decorate a blank t-shirt
52. Make a candle
53. Make a tie-dye shirt
54. DIY all decorations in your room
55. Paint something when you’re sad
56. Make a picture wall
57. Make a scrapbook
58. DIY back to school supplies
59. Design the perfect dress
60. DIY decorations for a party
61. Learn to surf
62. Ride a zip line ride
63. Sail a boat
64. Swim with dolphins
65. Stand up paddle board
66. Swim in the ocean
67. Fly in a helicopter
68. Race a go kart
69. Ride a Segway
70. Ride in a limousine
Personal development
71. Make a top 10 list of your values
72. Find your best version of yourself
73. Try mindfulness
74. Find a mentor
75. Find the purpose of your life
76. Choose where to go to college
77. List one thing you’re grateful for every day
78. List three positive things about your day every day
79. Find your way to relax
80. Become the best version of yourself
81. Visit three colleges/universities
82. Get an A+
83. Participate in some voluntary school work
84. Invite someone to prom
85. Make a senior prank
86. Graduate high school
87. Take the bus to school
88. Give your teachers feedback
89. Tutor someone
90. Get a degree
Animals and charity
91. Save a lost or injured animal
92. Walk a charity walk
93. Get a pet
94. Bury your pet
95. Donate to an animal foundation
96. Walk dogs for other people
97. Find your spirit animal
98. Go to the zoo
99. Fight for animal welfare
100. Become a vegetarian or vegan
I hoped this post gave you some inspiration for your bucket list.
Stay happy, stay beautiful
– Ellie xoxo


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