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My 15 favourite places

For today’s 30 days blog challenge I have to tell you about my 15 favourite things. But I don’t really have 15 “things” that I really like so I decided to go with places instead. So here we go:

  1. My room in Northern Zealand (Denmark)
  2. Copenhagen Botanical Garden
  3. Central Park New York City
  4. By the canals in Amsterdam
  5. By the beach in Phuket, Thailand
  6. The small streets of Nice, France
  7. Paris!
  8. Kvitfjell, Norway
  9. Helsingborg, Sweden
  10. Elsinore, Denmark
  11. Odense, Denmark
  12. Aarhus, Denmark
  13. Puerto Banus, Spain
  14. ITALY!!
  15. Bournemouth, England

Those were my 15 favourite places of all time. I still haven’t visited a lot of places which is why I haven’t listed certain places.

Stay happy, stay beautiful
– Ellie

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