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20 facts about me

Alright guys, get ready to get to know me on a very personal level…

This is day two of the 30 days blog challenge, and I shall give you 20 facts about myself. It is going to be hard, it is going to be fun but most importantly it is going to be effective… or something, haha.

  1. I hate cats. I really hate cats. Not to the point where I’d kill a cat if I got the chance but I really don’t want to get close to a cat. Cats are just so scary.
  2. I’ve been bullet journaling since June 2015. So 2,5 years of experience is behind my bullet journal skills.
  3. I am Danish and live close to Copenhagen.
  4. I will be graduating from Danish “high school” (gymnasium) this June.
  5. I want to travel the world and experience as many different cultures as possible.
  6. So far I’ve been to Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, England, France, Spain, Thailand, New York, Florida, Iceland, Israel, Czech Republic, Turkey and Italy.
  7. My favourite cities are New York City, Amsterdam and Copenhagen.
  8. I have a Coton de Tulear (a dog) called Dexter.
  9. My favourite season of the year is Autumn.
  10. I am vegetarian but mainly eat plant-based.
  11. Self-development is probably my favourite “hobby”.
  12. I wear glasses most of the time. I can see without but prefer wearing them.
  13. I am a religious Christian but have only been open about it for half a year. It is not always socially acceptable to be religious in Denmark and I didn’t want to deal with the prejudices.
  14. 14 is my favourite number because I was born on September 14th, 1999.
  15. I want my children to be raised in a society that worships diversity and accepts everyone no matter of race, religion, colour, sexuality or gender.
  16. I think too much about the future.
  17. I dance a lot. Mostly modern and hip-hop but I really enjoy ballet and jazz as well.
  18. My favourite series is the Norwegian series SKAM. The 4th season is my favourite.
  19. I find it really hard to deal with spontaneous plans and prefer to have everything planned down to the smallest details. This is something I really have to work on because it affects my social life in negative ways.
  20. I enjoy taking photographs and want to work on my photography skills.

Now you know everything about me, haha. No, but I really hope you enjoyed getting to know me better. I’ll be back again tomorrow with another post.

Stay happy, stay beautiful
– Ellie

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