100 bucket list ideas

I’ve decided to create a list of bucket list ideas suitable for teenagers and students. I hope you like it. Holidays and traditions 1. Get a mistletoe kiss 2. Go to a Gay Pride event 3. Go to a Halloween party 4. Kiss someone happy New Year 5. Go to a different culture wedding 6.… Read More 100 bucket list ideas


Styles of learning

Last year, I graduated the Danish “base school”. Ten years from you’re 6 till 16 (some 5-15 and some 7-17). And you can’t drop out. It’s the law in Denmark that everyone has to complete this school. You take exams in oral Danish, English and physics/chemistry and written mathematics, Danish and English. Then the government… Read More Styles of learning


How to deal with bullying

Bullying is a terrible thing to experience though it is almost impossible not to experience. Someone gets hurt and someone feels better about themselves (or worse?). It can tear people apart. You can bully someone without even realising it. And you can get bullied without knowing it. There isn’t a complete guide to how to… Read More How to deal with bullying


Why I love bucket lists

As you might already have guessed, I love bucket lists. I love creating them, I love keeping track of my goals, I love achieving my goals, and I love looking back at old bucket lists and see how much I’ve developed since. I just finished my first year in Danish high school (gymnasium, takes 3… Read More Why I love bucket lists