30 bullet journal page ideas

Bullet journaling is one of the best ways to organise your life. You choose what you want in it and how you want it to look. It’s a hobby to me that I spend a lot of time on. It takes some time to get started but as soon as it’s become a habit you won’t regret starting. It’s life changing.

Sometimes it can be nice to switch up some things, try some new spreads and remove spreads that aren’t necessary anymore. That’s why I’ve made a list of 30 spread ideas.

1. Habits (I do monthly habits)
2. Expenses
3. Bucket list(s)
4. Exercise/fitness tracker and/or log
5. Birthday list
6. Daily and/or weekly to do
7. Monthly and/or weekly spreads
8. Goals
9. Notes
10. Doodles
11. Wish list for Christmas, birthday etc.
12. Cleaning plans
13. Grocery list
14. Shopping list
15. Travel dreams
16. Money savings
17. School schedules
18. List of assignments
19. Study tracker
20. Addresses and numbers
21. Christmas gift list
22. 3 positive things about your day
23. Gratitude page
25. Blog post ideas
26. Reading list
27. Movies to watch list
28. Motivation page
29. Blog schedule
30. Spending log

This is obviously not the best list of bullet journal page ideas for parents. I tried to find some high school and college student friendly ideas. But if you’re a student I hope you got some ideas from this post.

Which bullet journal page is your favourite?

Stay happy, stay beautiful

– Ellie xoxo


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