5 feminists to follow on Instagram

Feminism can be difficult to understand if you aren’t surrounded by people who actively take a part in the feminist movement. I am not here to tell you what feminism is and how to be more active in it… I can do that when I finally succeed at it myself, haha. Until then, here are 5 feminists you should follow on Instagram to get inspiration and knowledge from.

1. Freja Lindberg @lindbergfrejas
Freja is a Swedish activist in a couple of important fields – one of them is feminism, another one is trans activism. They is quite young (I don’t know their exact age) and takes beautiful photographs of different people of all colours and sexualities. They is also one of the most inspiring people for me in the field of body positivity.
Most of their posts are in Swedish but you should follow them anyway.

2. Intersectional Feminist @feministastic
This community’s main focus is to fight racism, sexism, classism and bigotry – but always with a feministic touch to it. They post a lot of news related posts where they explain the situation (with sources) and comment on them and debate in the comment section.

3. FeministVoice @feministvoice
FeministVoice is a blog posting pretty much everything feminist related but usually in a very optimistic tone. Body positivity is also one of the main themes on the blog. I really like how personal it feels even though it’s not an ‘ootd’-type of account.

4. nikki & lexie @fem.inist
The blog is mostly sharing tweets and commenting on them but they also post some kind of “how not to feminist” posts where they share a person and the person’s actions and tell why it is not to a feministic action. Sometimes it’s also the place to get a great laugh when reading the comments.

5. We are Muslim feminists @coolfeminists
This is probably my favourite feminist account on Instagram because it combines religion and feminism. No matter if you are Muslim or not the religious perspectives on this blog relates to every religious person. Sometimes the focus is on the news in America and sometimes the focus is on the news in the Middle East – which the Western media often don’t cover too well.

I hope you will support some of these amazing accounts and get educated in the field of feminism.

Stay happy, stay beautiful
– Ellie xoxo

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