Chatty Ellie

My 5 senses right now

Alright, guys, this is probably the weirdest blog post I will ever write. But it’s part of the 30 days blog challenge and I don’t want to lose the challenge already.

Basically, I have to tell you what my five senses sense right now as I write this. Here we go!

Taste: I just drank my vitamins so that is what I taste right now.

Sight: I see my MacBook since I’m writing this post on it.

Touch: I touch my MacBook…

Smell: I smell coffee because I’m about to have breakfast.

Sound: Ab Ovo by Joep Beving from the Spotify playlist Peaceful Piano.

Sooo, that was what we in Danish call a “spurgt” because no one asked to hear this, haha.

I’ll see you again tomorrow with another blog post.

Stay happy, stay beautiful
– Ellie

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