6 pages to include in your bullet journal

In June 2015 I got my first bullet journal after having seen it on Tumblr. Since then I’ve been using it for everything.

Over the last months, I’ve learned a lot about myself, my needs, and the bullet journal system. Here I share the 6 most important pages for me in my bullet journal.

1. Monthly overview

If your bullet journal is your only calendar this is a must have! The monthly overview is for meetings, tests (if you want to include your schoolwork in your monthly overview. I personally don’t), appointments, parties, work – everything you have in your calendar will be in your bullet journal so you always know where to be and when.

Here are some pictures of the monthly overviews in my bullet journal:

2. Expenses

The page where you write down everything you buy. Everything. This way you always know what you spend your money on. Maybe you need two pages? Maybe you need three? It doesn’t matter. The important thing is to know how much money you spend on things. After 2-3 months you’ll be able to see a pattern. Do you always buy lunch on Fridays? This is the kind of things you’ll see and maybe change in order to save money.

I like to write the day, the shop or the thing, the price and then mark is as green, yellow or red. Green is necessary, yellow is not a waste of money but not exactly necessary, and red is NOT necessary at all and almost a waste of money. I like to mark unhealthy snacks as red no matter how hungry I was at the moment.

By the start of the next month, I add it all up and find the mean.

Here is a picture of my expenses from March:

3. Habits

The habits are important for me because it helps me prioritise my time better the next month. I note 10 things I want to spend time on this month and the fill in a box when I’ve done it. This page is especially helpful if you want to create a new habit.

You can see my system here (the page to the right, expenditure to the left):

4. 3 positive thoughts every day

This page is more for the ones who want to be more positive in their everyday life. Every day you write down three positive thoughts about your day in order to remember all the good things when you look back.

5. The things you are grateful for

It works just like the positive thoughts I just stick to one thing for each day. That way I get to prioritise what I’m most grateful for that day. I like to have a page with quotes beside it just for inspiration.

6. Workout habits

Even though you tracked that you worked out on your ‘habits’ page you want to write down exactly what workout you did that day. I like to have columns for the things I want to work more on so I have one for dancing, running, abs, back, arms, legs, booty and thighs. Then I also have one for sugar. If I live healthy the entire day but eat a cookie at night I will fill this box. But it is NOT positive. In order to create good habits, you must get rid of the bad habits. In December alcohol had a column but I don’t drink alcohol weekly anymore so I removed it as a reward.

Do you have a bullet journal? How do you like to organise your everyday life?

Stay happy, stay beautiful

– Ellie xoxo


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