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Why I am beautiful no matter what

The picture above is a picture of me without makeup, editing or adjustments. This is what I look like under my “perfect” mask. I have acne and red skin and yellow teeth. My eyebrows are as light as my hair and my hair is still wet from the shower. This is me and I am beautiful no matter what.¬†

I was supposed to tell you about my best physical feature today. But that is absolutely toxic for a person who’s had an eating disorder. If I did write that I am scared that I would get bad feelings about my body again. So I am going to tell you why I am (and you are) beautiful no matter what.

Society is busy telling young girls how to change themselves to become “fuckable”, “sexy” and “hot”. These are all things immature and/or superficial men look for in women and sadly, most societies are lead by immature and/or superficial men. They have talent and get powerful.

Just think about yourself. You probably own 3+ bras to support your sexualised breast, 3+ pairs of jeans to make your sexualised butt look good, 5+ skin care products to make your natural face look less natural, 1+ hair removal products to get rid of the hair that’s supposed to protect your skin and 5+ makeup products to cover your natural face and make it look sexier.

All of these things are things you have to buy. More money to the companies leads to more money to the country. It’s that simple. They don’t care if you feel pressured¬†to buy all of these things as long as you buy them. The companies are in control of society’s definition of beauty and we are all just victims of the “I will never be pretty/sexy/popular enough”-syndrome.

But I will tell you a secret… you are good enough. You are pretty enough. You are sexy enough. And you are popular enough. Let that sink in for a moment.


No matter how many times someone tells you to start going to the gym, wash your face, put on makeup, use a push-up bra, shave your downstairs or act sexy, you are good enough and you are beautiful just the way you are.

You were not put on this planet to make men happy. We can discuss whether you were put here to get a child but that won’t be today. You are not supposed to make men happy, you are supposed to be happy. Your worth does not depend on superficial things as likes, followers, breast size, jawline or how many people comment “hot” on your pictures.

If you feel pressured to care about superficial things I recommend you try to read about minimalism. Or even listen to a podcast when on the train. The Lavendaire¬†Lifestyle has a great podcast about minimalism. I don’t tell you to throw out everything you own. I just want to let you know that all the things you own don’t determine how good a human you are. An isn’t that what really matters? That you are happy and a good person.

At least that was my focus in 2017. I wanted to care less about superficial things and more about the things that truly mean something.

I am beautiful no matter what they say. I am beautiful when I don’t shave. I am beautiful when I wear sweatpants and a hoodie. I am beautiful when my acne is crazy. And I am beautiful when I’ve gained a couple of kilos. I am beautiful no matter what. No matter how many times society tells me to change myself. And no matter how many men tell me to do some squats. I am beautiful.

And so are you.

Stay happy, stay beautiful
– Ellie

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