How to centre Christmas around Jesus

To many people, Christmas is about having a good time with family and exchanging wonderful gifts. While it’s not my job to judge (I leave that for God to do) Christmas is actually not about giving gifts to friends and family – that is a tradition introduced by materialism.

Giving someone you love a meaningful present is such a wonderful feeling and most people don’t want to let go of that just because “Christmas isn’t about the gifts but Jesus”. I get that and I don’t want to tell you what to do.

But if you are a religious Christian who wants to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in December, I have a few ways you can turn down for the materialism and turn up for your love for Jesus.

Give to someone who doesn’t have much

No, Christmas is not about materialism but it is about giving. Some people might actually need money for food or rent or clothes for their children and so on. I personally am raised in quite a wealthy family. I can’t honestly say that I need anything since I have everything I need. Yes, it would be nice to have a car but for now, my bike works perfectly and also gives me a good little workout. My point is that you could give more to people who actually struggle and less (or at least spend less money and instead give something low cost) to people like me who has everything. If you don’t know anyone who struggles financially, give to an organization you care about. I chose two organizations to donate to this year; Malala Fund & The Ocean Cleanup.

Spend less, make more

This one kind of extends on my first suggestion. Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s a tradition to give presents but you decide whether you want to spend 100$ or 10$ on each present. For most people, they care more about the fact that you spent time picking something for them than how much you spent on their gift. You can DIY many inexpensive but highly meaningful gifts for your loved ones. It takes some time but they will feel so much more special than when receiving a 20$ gift card to Starbucks. If they really life coffee you could buy a cheap plain white mug and paint or write something personal on it. This idea can be done for under 20$ and is such an easy way to make something a bit more personal for your loved ones.

Go to church and participate in activities

During December most Christian churches have some Christmas related activities you can participate in. It can be a fund-raising or a special prayer. Most people feel more connected to Jesus when they spend time with religious people or go to church. If you can fit it into your busy December schedule it is a great way to centre Christmas around Jesus.

Be grateful no matter what

As much as we love December we cannot deny the stress that comes with it. Make sure to thank God for all that he gives you every day. Being busy is positive because you are blessed with a job or children or people you want to make happy or an education. When thinking about it you will realize how blessed you are. Be grateful for that.

Minimalism is not as extreme as it may sound like

I just recently was introduced to the principle of minimalism… and I instantly fell in love with it. Well, my room is not completely empty for any decorations and I still have a full closet. In reality, minimalism is not about having few things. It is about getting rid of all the things in your life that don’t make bring any happiness. This includes clothing, decorations, people and social media. I am not yet a specialist on the subject so I recommend you listen to a podcast by Lavendaire called The Lavendaire Lifestyle; Minimalism can change your life.

Those were my 5 ways to centre Christmas around Jesus. I do all 5 of them and that’s why I’ve written about them; I know they work and make me feel closer to Jesus. But you can do none of them or some of them or all of them.

Keep in mind that religion is a personal matter. You are not supposed to do anything if it doesn’t feel right for you. It is okay to question your belief and test different ways to practise your religion. Even though your entire family might be Christian your religion is never the complete same as your mother’s. You practise it differently, pray differently or look at it differently. You should only do what makes you feel good.

And if you’re not religious but still celebrate Christmas that is okay as well. Remember that “Alt er love”. Happy December 4th!

Stay happy, stay beautiful
– Ellie

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