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Collecting memories

People collect everything from Pokémon cards to beer bottles today. Most people collect something. And let’s be real, it’s pretty cool when you go to someone’s room for the first time and they have a huge collection of something… whatever. The fact that they spend time, space and money on collecting a lot of similar things is the cool part.

I personally collect memories which is very useful if you have a hard time living in the moment. It is also quite easy to collect memories. I own a Polaroid camera which I bring most of the times I go out with friends. Then I make sure to take a picture or two and hang them on my wall in a heart shape. It is a funny conversation subject when people see my room for the first time. It is located right over my bed so it brings lovely vibes to the room and the last thing I look at before going to sleep is a heart filled with good memories. I have pictures from parties, nights out, coffee dates, Christmas Eve, birthdays and days I want to remember.

Honestly, it is the best decoration I’ve ever had in my room. A Polaroid camera is by no mean a necessity and if you don’t want everyone to see your memories you can put them in a scrapbook. You can collect cinema tickets, bookmarks, cards and things like that as memories as well.

Do you collect anything?

Stay happy, stay beautiful
– Ellie

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