How I plan my days with my bullet journal

Bullet journaling is my absolute favourite way to plan and structure my life. It’s easy, it’s creative and it’s just how I want it to be. Bullet journaling is the most individual planning system ever and if you find yourself being annoyed with all the fancy 50$ planners where you end up using only half of the pages – bullet journaling is worth a try.

In this post, I’ll share how I plan my days with my bullet journal. Lately, I’ve got really into using the ‘Reminders’ app on my iPhone to plan my day in details. For example ’16:00-16:45 – work out’, ’16:55-17:50 – homework’. But in my bullet journal I list the things I want to get done – not scheduled.

The first thing I do when I sit down with my bullet journal and a cup of tea in the beginning of my night routine is to cross out the things I got done today. I colour the squares if I completed a task and I colour half of it when I started on the task that day.

When I’m done with that I write down what I want to do the following day (my tasks). Some days I have up to fifteen tasks and some days I only have three. That depends on homework for the biggest part. If I have a lot of homework I have many tasks to complete.

I check my schedule for the next couple of days online and find out what homework I have to do the following day. I do the same with assignments – I just usually make assignments over a couple of days.

That is actually how I plan my day. As you can see I use squares for tasks and circles for social events like dates and parties.

I also have a fitness schedule I fill in every night to see what days I do which workouts. Then I have a positivity spread where I write three positive things that happened each day. I have a gratefulness spread where I each day write down one thing I’m grateful for. Last but not least I have my expenses and my habit tracker.

I use washi tape and Stabilo pens for decoration and sometimes I print out pictures and put them in my journal as well. It depends on how creative I am that specific day.

I hope this post could give you some inspiration on how to plan your days with your bullet journal.

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Stay happy, stay beautiful

– Ellie xoxo


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