How to save money as a student

I am a high school student based in Denmark. I live in my parent’s house and have a job in the weekends. My only expenses are my iCloud upgrade which is 7 kr. every month and a waxing habit of 475 kr. every month. My regular expenses are 482 kr. every month. I usually earn about 1500 kr. Somehow I manage to have 200 kr. left in my bank account by the end of the month. Where does all the money go?

Well, that was how my mind worked last year. This year… I might only have 200 kr. in my bank account right now but I know where the money went and I know they went to a good cause.

Over the last 2 years, I’ve learned a lot about money and saving up. I’m here to share my tips and tricks with you.

Pack lunch from home
Yes, you’ve probably heard this a billion times before but if you still eat at the cafeteria every day, I’ll say it again. Pack your lunch from home. Maybe it isn’t as delicious (or unhealthy) as the food in the cafeteria but you save the money and appreciate cafeteria lunch more when you get it after a long time of packed lunch.

Stay inside
Well, I don’t mean it as literally as it sounds. Of cause, you can go outside and enjoy the weather and so, but when you want to hang out with your friends try not to “go out”. Stay at home, watch a movie you already own, eat snacks from your fridge. If you go to the mall multiple times a week just to hang out, you might spend unnecessary money on snacks or even go crazy and spend all your money on clothes. Stay at home and save the money. Your friends will understand you.
If it is completely impossible to stay at home while hanging out with your friends, suggest going on a coffee date instead of a lunch date. You still spend money on coffee but not as much as if it had been a lunch date.

Go vintage shopping
When you really need a new skirt for the new school year there is actually a cheaper option than the usual stores you shop at. If you have any thrift shops in your area they are worth a try. Sometimes you don’t find anything interesting at all and sometimes you want the entire shop. You can find cheap clothes in thrift shops and you might save some money.

Use your birthday, Christmas etc.
If you know you’ll need a new $75 foundation in three months and your birthday is in two weeks, put it on your wish list! This tip applies to all the more expensive things you use regularly. Theatre tickets, makeup, clothes, Starbucks gift cards you name it. All money costing habits. The more you get as presents the more money you save.

Get the cheapest coffee
Even though you used my tips and stopped going to the mall or the cafeteria all the time, coffee dates are still unavoidable. And they should be. It is important to have some quality time with your best friends and it’s “hyggeligt” (a Danish word that doesn’t exist in English. It is a word used to describe a situation that is cosy, nice and social at the same time. It’s hard to describe but I love the word so much!) to drink a nice cup of coffee and talk for hours.
But when you go on a coffee date and have to decide if you want the Fancy-French-caramel-mucho-macho-latte or the $2 cheaper latte – choose the regular latte. You can always get the fancy one when your mon pays 😉
$2 might not sound like a lot but if you’re saving up for something you get $2 closer to your goal.

Save cash
I have a credit card and it’s so much easier to use than cash. So it’s become a habit for me not to have any cash in my wallet. But sometimes I get some cash or need cash and have some left and I don’t really know what to do with it. The solution is to have a cash jar. You can DIY a fancy one or just use an old mug but find something to store you cash in. Jars are great because they’re transparent so you can see how much you’ve already saved up. That is a help for some people.
Every time you get cash (or cash you don’t have to use. You’ll find a solution if you don’t have the credit card-struggle) you put it in the jar and don’t use it before you really need it.


Let me know if any of these tips helped you in a comment or tweet me on Twitter (@DontForgetEllie).

Stay happy, stay beautiful

– Ellie xoxo


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