Chatty Ellie

I am proud of myself

There is this stigma that it is arrogant to be proud of yourself. Especially for women… and I want to bring that stigma to an end.

I am proud of myself for all the things I’ve accomplished so far. I am proud of myself for the growth I’ve been through the last couple of years. I am proud of myself for accepting my body and getting out of my eating disorder. I am proud of myself every time I hang out with friends.

The list of things to be proud of is infinite… I want to tell you how a ’30 days self-appreciation’-challenge changed my confidence and the way I looked at myself.

I was on a self-development camp last summer and my mentor gave me the 30 days self-appreciation-challenge. Every day for 30 days I ended my daily journaling session with 1-2 lines about why I was proud of myself. The positivity filled me up and made me realise that I had been hating on myself for too long.

When the 30 days ended I continued to write those 1-2 lines every day and I haven’t stopped yet. It has become a habit to end the day by acknowledging how great I am.

And I am fucking great. And so are you. Be proud of yourself for all the little things that make you who you are.

I challenge you to write 1-2 lines on why you are proud of yourself every night for 30 days.

Stay happy, stay beautiful
– Ellie

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