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It’s a fake world…

I have something on my heart today. Something so dear to me. This world. Planet Earth and all the people, creatures and materials on it.

What are we doing? What are you doing right now? What will you be doing tomorrow?

If the answer wasn’t “enjoying my life” to at least one of them, something needs to change. You see, I was asked those questions about a month ago. My answer was “surviving”, “wondering” and “studying”. Not too bad answers but not great answers either. It sounds pretty good. Besides I was only thinking about doing things. Not doing things I enjoy. I enjoy all three of those things. I just didn’t tell that because I thought it was irrelevant. What really is irrelevant are all the things we do without a purpose.

So why do we do things if they don’t have a purpose? Because society tells us to.

I never worried about my theme on Instagram until some video on YouTube told me that I had to have a theme to get followers. And I never worried about followers until one of my friends told me that more followers led to more likes. And I never worried about likes until a rude kid from my school told me that no one wanted to date me if I didn’t get likes. And I never worried about dating until a movie told me that was how to get sex. And I never worried about sex until the new girl at school told me drunk sex wasn’t great. And it goes on…

None of those things were┬ánecessities I was born with. They’re all superficial things that someone told me would give me prestige (why is that even a thing?) or something else that I had never thought I needed. But I didn’t think of it that way back then. I thought I had to do so and so in order to fit into the little boxes of things I honestly didn’t care about. But I did them so that no one to point out my flaws or talk behind my back.

But even though I did everything all the most popular people did, I still wasn’t good enough. They talked behind my back, told me to do so and so different and didn’t accept the little things that made me who I am.

They tried to change me and I let them. If you relate to any of this, please know that you are good enough.

If you relate to any of this, please know that you are good enough. You don’t need to change yourself to fit into a stupid box. You don’t need an expensive designer purse to feel confident. You don’t need 2000 followers on Instagram in order to be good enough. And you don’t need to edit your pictures until you don’t look like yourself anymore.

Most of the pictures you see on Instagram are not real. They are of real people in the real world but they’re edited to perfection. They show you that they’re pretty – not how they feel. They could be suicidal and still smile and look amazing on pictures. You don’t know. But know that you are not forced to support the superficial ideas of beauty. You are beautiful no matter what. Some people will hate you for showing your flaws but some people will be inspired by you.

I don’t want to tell you what to do. Just consider it. The peace inside you when you accept that you are amazing just the way you are.

I tried it. My Instagram might not be the brightest and the prettiest but it’s real and it’s me. Love it or hate it.

It is possible to be real in a fake world. The choice is yours.

Stay happy, stay beautiful
– Ellie xoxo

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