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Level 10 Life Bullet Journal Update #1

I am currently in my last year of Danish high school. It obviously leads to some thoughts on grades and so, but most importantly on how much I learn, understand and put effort into the different classes. I figured that a Level 10 Life spread in my bullet journal for school would be a great way to keep track on my progress.

Autumn break just started and it’s time for me to update my Level 10 Life spread for the last time before I make a new one that I will complete by the beginning of Christmas break.

This is what my Level 10 Life spread looks like (I write in Danish but don’t worry, I’ll translate for you;)):

I wrote the 9 classes I have take and gave them numbers on the left side. On the right side, I made a barometer styled tracker with 10 squares to fill in.

1. Danish
Danish is clearly the class I put in the least effort. I actually enjoy the subject but I find it a little too abstract and time-consuming – and to be honest, the homework we get is usually not very interesting. I do take great notes at school and participate in discussions and so… I just haven’t really worked on the subject. I definitely need to focus more on Danish since I’ll get a written exam in May 2018.

2. English
English is my favourite subject. I like my teacher, I like the reading material, the amount of homework… everything is just perfect. However, I don’t feel like I’ve done my best on the subject. I made quite a bad essay that I rushed way too much and I get a little nervous in class because I want to do everything perfectly – resulting in me not participating enough.

3. History
History is usually really boring but we’ve had such an interesting theme so far that made me do my homework every single day and participate a lot. I am really proud of the effort I’ve put into my history classes so far.

4. Social science
We got a new social science teacher this school year and I haven’t figured out yet what he wants from us. But so far I just try to participate a lot in class and do my homework and my assignments the best I can. He’s a really good teacher so I don’t doubt I’ll get much better as I get to know his methods better.

5. Ancient science
I thought ancient science would be really boring but it’s actually very interesting. I enjoy the class and put a decent amount of effort into it – but I don’t doubt that I could do much better.

6. Religion
I am honestly so disappointed in myself and my religion teacher. I had been looking forward to getting religion on my schedule but he is such a confusing and old-school styled teacher that I don’t really like the class at all. Of cause, it’s a fascinating subject but I am not really motivated to put in a lot of effort yet. We’ll see when I get my grades, haha.

7. PE
I slag in PE… but at least I’m honest about it. I’m a dancer and I honestly don’t enjoy playing ball games so I (way too) often hide in the changing room with my friend during PE. If I get a bad grade I might change this though…

8. Psychology
Psychology is a bit like religion… I was so excited and got really disappointed in the teacher. I participate in class and find the subject interesting and do my homework… but I am being bullied in that class so I can’t honestly say that I enjoy it.

9. Dance
I don’t get grades in dance class but I put it here anyway. Dance is the one subject where I truly feel home. I can wake up and cry and have the worst morning ever but then I’ll go to my dance class in the morning and forget about it. Dance has shown to be my number one necessity to surviving Danish high school. And I am proud of myself every time I go to dance class.

As you can tell, there is room for improvement in every single class. I am not fully satisfied with my effort in any of my classes yet but I will work on it.

Stay happy, stay beautiful
– Ellie xoxo

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