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My Bucket List for Autumn 2017

Autumn has arrived… and let me just tell you that I already love autumn of 2017. Autumn is my absolute favourite season. Not just because September is my birthday month (September 14th if you wonder) but also because of the weather, the vibes, the plants, the colours, the drinks… ahh, I love autumn so much! There’s just something really amazing about the way everything steps a level down when transitioning from summer to autumn. Summer is so busy and superficial but autumn is so calm and real. Like, plants die in autumn but we still find it beautiful. In summer, everything has to be so picture perfect all the time.

In general, I’ve focused a lot on ‘being real’ lately. I guess you can say I’m going through an identity crisis (which is completely natural btw, I’m turning 18 in a week. It has to affect my mind in some way, haha) and I really don’t like the superficial way of making everything seem so perfect. If you follow me on Instagram (@DontForgetEllie) you have probably noticed that I changed my theme from bright colours and white borders to more dark photos. That was because I couldn’t stand the way I treated my Instagram like an art museum. You can totally do that if you want to. I just felt like all that perfectness and editing didn’t tell anything about my personality at all. I have quite deep thoughts and don’t like superficialness and materialism… so why show that on my personal Instagram account? My new theme also has a calm autumn vibe to it that I really love. Plus, I don’t edit my face anymore. All my blemishes and imperfections can be seen unedited. The only editing done to the pictures are colour editing.

Anyway, enough about my thoughts on society and my love for autumn. Here is the bucket list I’ve made for autumn 2017:

  • Starbucks date with myself – because I am the most important person in my life
  • Halloween in Tivoli – the most amazing Halloween experience in the amusement park Tivoli in the heart of Copenhagen
  • Pumpkin carving – I haven’t done this for years but I used to love doing it
  • Watch Harry Potter – let’s be real, the perfect movies for autumn
  • 18+ night out – I’m turning 18 in a week so I have to go to an 18+ club with my girlfriends
  • Bake a pumpkin pie – my all time favourite pie!!!
  • Hot chocolate in the rain – literally the most autumnish thing to do since it always rains in autumn in Denmark
  • Take pictures – as simple as that, capture the beauty of nature dying
  • Sleepover with Joe/Klara – I probably don’t have time for both of them but I want a sleepover with at least one of them
  • Go vintage shopping – I’ve wanted to do this for so long and now is the time
  • Go for a walk in the forest – I am so lucky to live close to beautiful forests so I have to take advantage of that
  • Make chestnut animals – it is a thing for real in Denmark and can be done with matchsticks

I hope this could give you some inspiration on what to do this autumn. Let’s spread some positivity and make the most of the lives we are so lucky to have been given.

Stay happy, stay beautiful
– Ellie xoxo

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