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Review: La La Land

This weekend I went to the theatre with my mum to see La La Land. As a film nerd, you have to see a film that gets so much attention and recognition. I loved the musicals from the 70’s and 80’s and it’s been so many years since Hollywood produced a great musical (no, High School Musical and Frozen don’t count here, haha).

So of course, I went to see it. I brought my mother who is a true musical lover and showed me all the best musicals from the 70’s and 80’s. Enough about my mother and I, let’s talk about the movie.

Within the first 5 minutes, I managed to believe that it was an overrated film. The first song was great and with good dancers, and an amazing variation of different looking people and cultures. It was good but it was long and I wasn’t that impressed.

But then the actual story began I really liked it. Emma Stone was absolutely amazing in the role as the upcoming actress Mia. She was funny and heart-breaking serious at the same time which gave the film an emotional dimension not often seen. Ryan Gosling is just as amazing in the role as the unemployed jazz-lover Sebastian.

The love story between the two is beautiful. While most of it is shown through dances, out-of-space scenery, singing and beautiful montages, it gave me the feeling of being in love. I felt as if I was the one in love while watching their not super original love story – and I have refused to want to feel this way for the past three months, haha.

I was impressed. Not by the love story but by the way it had been brought to life so beautifully, realistic (even though the musical part of it wasn’t exactly realistic) and life changing. This film could be a game changer in the cinematic world but I’m not sure if anyone will be able to do it as well.

I can highly recommend it to anyone who loves musicals, dramatic love stories and Ryan Gosling. But it is not just a musical or love story – it has a beautiful message about how the small acts in life can change everything. It makes you reconsider your dreams and what values in life you prioritise.


Let me know if you’ve seen it and your thought about it.

Stay happy, stay beautiful

– Ellie xoxo


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