What students actually mean…

As a student you are kind of forced to worry about certain things like grades, getting late and all those practical things. In this blog post, I share some of the things students say vs. what they actually mean. It is meant to be funny so don’t take it too seriously.

“I need to get good grades to get into uni” actually means “I’ve heard that some universities only take in straight A-students so I need to get good grades… just in case I want to get into one of them”

“I’m not going out tonight. Too much school work to do…” actually means “Nah, I am an episode behind in Riverdale and the next episode is in two days.”

“Sorry I am late, traffic was crazy…” actually means “I hit the snooze button three times but insisted on doing a smokey eye.”

“Actually I am working together with Kate this time…” actually means “No, I definitely don’t want to do group work with you and I assume Kate doesn’t have a group yet.”

“Lunch is just so much better when it’s made by yourself” actually means “I am broke and can’t afford great lunch until next month.”

“There is this party but it honestly looks kind of lame…” actually means “I am bored and we should go out.”

“I trust your judgement but I think you have swapped my assignment with someone else’s…” actually means “Why the fuck did you give me such a crappy grade!?”

“I don’t want to do this assignment last minute” actually means “I am definitely going to make the assignment in last minute while crying.”

Stay happy, stay beautiful

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