Styles of learning

Last year, I graduated the Danish “base school”. Ten years from you’re 6 till 16 (some 5-15 and some 7-17). And you can’t drop out. It’s the law in Denmark that everyone has to complete this school.

You take exams in oral Danish, English and physics/chemistry and written mathematics, Danish and English. Then the government decides which classes at which schools around the country has to do go to exams in the other different subjects. Each class has to go to 2 more exams either written or oral or both. My class got oral religion and written geography.

At my oral English exam, I decided to talk about the different styles of learning. Everyone else in the class would talk about terrorism or their favourite sports so I wanted to try something different.

And I got really into it. I found out that I’m a visual learner with a tendency to prefer auditory teaching. It has helped me so much with my notes during my first year of high school.

I want to share my knowledge about this with you guys. I’m obviously not a professor but hopefully, this will give you an idea of it.

Visual learners learn the best while studying with visual elements such as videos, images or drawings.
Tips: Use graphs, diagrams, PowerPoint presentations, flashcards, highlights, colour coding and even drawings in your notes if you want to.

Kinesthetic learners learn the best while doing activities, being physical or solving problems.
Tips: Use flashcards, study groups, make examples in notes or doodle in your notes.

Auditory learners learn the best with audio elements such as recordings, lectures or verbalising lessons.
Tips: Use records of lessons, read out loud, record yourself reading your notes out loud.

I hope this could help you.

Which learning type are you?

Stay happy, stay beautiful

– Ellie xoxo


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