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Timeline of my day

Today, I’ll share a timeline of my day so you can see what I did and when.

It is Monday which means that I only have 4 modules at school.

6:00: I woke up and started working out.

7:00: I took a shower and had breakfast.

8:00: I did my makeup and started on an assignment.

9:00: I worked on the assignment and went to school.

10:00: First module of the day; social science.

11:00: Second module of the day + lunch break spent with friends.

12:00: Third module of the day; ancient science.

13:00: Fourth and last module of the day; Danish + going home again.

14:00: I took my dog for a walk and drank some coffee.

15:00: Time for homework.

16:00: Still doing homework.

17:00: Editing a YouTube video (BasicEllie).

18:00: Watching Stranger Things.

19:00: Dinner with the family.

20:00: Walking the dog again.

21:00: Self-development and getting ready for bed.

22:00: Trying to fall asleep.

That was a timeline of my typical Monday looks like.

Stay happy, stay beautiful
– Ellie

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