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Top 5 people of 2017

First of all, I’m really sorry that I was inactive in December. I was so busy writing an exam paper that I didn’t have time to write at all for two weeks… and then it was Christmas… but all of that is over now and I finally have time to blog again. And I have exciting news. In January I’ll be doing the 30 days of blogging challenge. Yes, there will be a new post up for the first 30 days of January. I am really excited for it so I really hope you’ll enjoy it as well.

But today is not about January. Today it is about the 5 most important people in MY 2017. The 5 people who have influenced my 2017 the most. Credit and respect to all of them.

#1 Julie Andem

Julie Andem is the creator of my favourite series – SKAM. Not only has she managed to bring me to tears multiple times during the fourth season of SKAM in Spring and early Summer, she has made the most realistic and honest portraitsĀ of what it is like to be a “high school” student in 2017’s Scandinavia. I cannot ever thank her enough for giving insecure, overweight, Muslim, strong, mentally ill and homosexual youths a voice. She told the stories we all experienced but didn’t like talking about. Be ready for 2018 ’cause she’ll be doing it again in America.

#2 Justin Baldoni

Even though his TED talk was only released at the beginning of December, Justin Baldoni has managed to inspire me in so many ways already. I didn’t know him until an Instagram account about feminism shared his TED talk. He talks about gender equality from a man’s perspective – which is something we often forget when talking about equality. Men suffer from the patriarchy as well and not all men are actually comfortable showing their vulnerabilities and talking about their feelings.

#3 my psychologist

Yes, I see a psychologist and no, you don’t have to be mentally ill to do that. Facts are that my life was going in a direction I didn’t know how to change which resulted in me being overly sensitive to everything, not wanting to go to school and crying all the time. Yes, that was me by the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017. Luckily, I had the opportunity to see a psychologist who helped me reset my mind and get back on the right track. The difference she made for me is beyond amazing and I am forever grateful for her.

#4 myself

“Uhh, she thinks she’s one of the most important people of 2017. How selfish!” I am most likely not one of the most important people in your 2017 but I am definitely one of the most important people in MY 2017. I managed to change my perspective on life, my beliefs and my mood. I managed to move on from my eating disorder and grow my confidence. I have been a fucking awesome person in 2017.

#5 Aileen from

Aileen took my self-development to another level this year. She taught me so much through The Lavendaire Lifestyle podcasts where she talks about everything self-development and self-love and minimalism and confidence… it has been my go-to life-changing tool in 2017 so of course, she has her name on this list. I admire her for everything she’s been through and shared to change the lives of other people – including me.

Those were the 5 most important people in my 2017. 2017 was one of the best years of my life – mostly because I learned how to worship all the small things and enjoy life the most. My personal growth this year has been beyond my highest expectations.

I wish you all an amazing end of 2017 and beginning of 2018. Let it be full of joy and wisdom!

Stay happy, stay beautiful
– Ellie

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