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Why you matter

We live in a crazy world where people are starving and living in war zones while other people suffer from obesity and have never seen a gun in their entire lives. No matter who you are or where you are from we all have some human emotions in common. Today I’ll focus on one of them; doubt.

Sometimes you doubt the choices you’ve made. Sometimes you doubt the people around you’s interest in you. Sometimes you doubt the well-being of your country. Sometimes you doubt your best friend. Sometimes you doubt your existence. Sometimes you doubt if life is worth living.

Doubt is completely natural – especially when you get out of your comfort zone. Most people experience doubt at some level every week.

I believe that all emotions should be worked on. So work on your doubts, accept them and move on from them when you’re ready. However, there is one doubt that I want you to throw out as fast as possible; the doubt if you matter.

You matter because your mother gave birth to you. She carried you in her stomach for nine long and probably painful months. Whether your mother is still there or not, you matter to her.

If you weren’t meant to make a difference on this planet, you would never have been put into it. You would’ve died in your mother’s stomach if you weren’t meant to be here today and tomorrow.

You haven’t seen the entire world yet. That you didn’t find a lover or a best friend where you’ve so far don’t mean that they aren’t somewhere out there – ’cause they are! And they’re are waiting for you to find them and become a part of their lives.

Just think about what you’ve learned in biology about the human body… it’s pretty amazing. If one thing doesn’t work you can die. But don’t most of the organs in your body work pretty well? And if they don’t, then your body is too strong to let your mind give up on it. Your body is a complex beauty, don’t waste it.

You matter because you are someone’s sister, brother, cousin, friend etc. You were put on this planet to make it a better place and that is why you matter.

You matter. Trust me, you really do – and please don’t ever doubt that again.

Stay happy, stay beautiful!

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